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Things I Love (Mid) July.

July is shaping up to be just as busy as May and June, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be posting! Here are a few things I’m enjoying despite life.

Monster High

Ghouls Rule Draculaura

Ghouls Rule Draculaura

Some days it is unknown whether I’m 12 or 25, but many days it leans more towards the previous. I’ve fallen in love with Mattel’s Monster High doll line, thanks mostly to the YouTube webisodes. I’m now currently working on seeing all the specials and movies, buying the dolls, and finding online communities to join. I thus far own a Dance Class Lagoona Blue, a Ghouls Rule Draculaura (above, and here) and a backpack. Draculaura is definitely my favorite character, which I think has something to do with her lack of height and cute, dual-colored hair.

Welcome to Night Vale


Done in the style of a small town radio show, Welcome to Night Vale is the podcast everyone is currently obsessed with. Set in the tiny desert town of Night Vale, the show is hosted by a man named Cecil who reports the news and other current goings-on, no matter how unusual: portals to doppelganger dimensions disgusted in sandstorms, tiny civilizations housed beneath a bowling lane, and unidentified lights above the Arby’s. And that’s just a small portion of Night Vale’s strange circumstances. Cecil also has a huge crush on the beautiful, seemingly-normal, scientist Carlos, which I find absolutely adorable. If you’re interested (And why wouldn’t you be?), Welcome to Night Vale is available for free through the iTunes store.

My new iPhone – I now have an iPhone! Hooray! No pictures, because taking a picture of your phone with your phone is more complicated than you would think, even with the help of mirrors. Suffice to say, it looks like an iPhone.


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Things I Love Thursday #6 – The “I’m Pretty Sure It’s Friday” Edition

I thought to myself last night that I really should do a TILT post, and then I didn’t. So what else is new? I think my eyes were watering too much, as I’m just getting over a cold, but really. That was no excuse.

Why do so many of my TILT posts include Madoka cosplay?

➡ MOVING! Well, as a rule, I don’t actually like moving, but the fiance and I are finally moving into our own apartment after about half a year of living in his parent’s spare bedroom. I’m really glad that in the current economic climate of people not having jobs after graduation and moving back in with their parents, that we were only a burden to them for about six months, as well as the fact that we have the resources to now live on our own. Oh, and I’m really going to enjoy decorating.

➡ Finally having Christmas As I may have mentioned before, I had to spend this Christmas alone due to a death in the family, so tomorrow (after the finally move push), everyone will finally get together and celebrate the long overdue holiday.

Getting a new email address Though initially not something I loved, I recently had the opportunity to change my email address for good. Google locked me out of my previous email address due to some log-in dysfunction, and because I would not have had email access for a week – !!! – on top of my phone not working (long story), I opted to just say “screw it” and create a new one. I’ve since gotten back into my old account and have been able to switch things around I needed to, but it’s really nice to start fresh.

Bobby Hill, ladies and gentlemen!

Getting a raise! Though I’m still terribly underemployed by most standards, I got a raise yesterday! Right now, it’s only by a dollar, but when my boss’ ship comes in (as they say), it’ll go up another dollar. It’s not huge, but it’s good news for someone who can only work 10 hours a week.

My boss’ foster puppy was adopted My boss (besides being a freelance writer/editor, working on her forth graduate degree and having a life of her own) fosters the occasional dog, and her latest was adopted today. We took the dog, Muffin, to meet a prospective new family of a mom, her sister and her teenage son and daughter, and they IMMEDIATELY fell in love. But it’s hard not to with a puppy as cute as Muffin. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures to share (Perhaps I will in the future, though!), but Muffin is a tiny, black, shaggy-furred, 10-week old puppy of indecipherable breed. He’s rambunctious, playful and cute as a button. He didn’t even have a name until my boss started fostering him, and originally he was being called Munchkin, due to his size. But that morphed into Muffin, which is oddly fitting for him. I hope he’s happy in his new home, and I’m so glad they new family took to him so quickly.

EDIT: Lies! Here’s a picture of little Muffin.


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Things I Love Thursday #4: Job Getting Edition

➡ That’s right! I have a job! Hooray for employment! Or anyway, partial employment. I have one part time job, and might be able to snag myself another to supplement the first one. I should find out soon. I just need to start making appointments for getting background stuff done for the second job, and I’m sure things will get figured out. Frankly, I’m just glad things are finally coming together. That two month job search was really grueling. I know I should definitely feel lucky to have any kind of employment in this economy, too. Remind me to write some thank you card to numerous deities.

Alternative Press Expo is this weekend in San Francisco and I am going to be there on Saturday! The one and only Kate Beaton will be there too, and I am really excited to meet her and get her to sign, like, everything I own, regardless of whether it was created by her or not. I was warned I should probably get there early and bring something to read, because the line will be waaaay long. And I bet it will be! She deserves tons of awesome fans.

Also, the above print of Emma Frost/The White Queen, by Kevin Wada, will be available at APE too, along with three other X-Men themed prints. I’m trying to decide which one to get, and it is very, very hard. I hope they don’t sell out before I decide!

The Pinkie Moon shirt is now available in women’s sizes! I am also loving this one. Why must these shirts be so expensive? ;~;

➡ All of my shows are returning! Summer hiatuses suck, because the only show I watch during the summer (besides anime) is Warehouse 13, and Hulu decided to stop uploading the episodes after the first two until just lately. So I was pretty bored this summer, as far as TV shows go. This season, I’m continuing with Castle, Community, Fringe and Parks and Recreation. I also picked up Pan Am, because out of all the 60s set/inspired shows, it wasn’t boring (Charlie’s Angels) and it doesn’t (or anyway, hasn’t so far) try to make sexist bullshit look glamorous (The Playboy Club). I actually refuse to bother with the latter, because I don’t need that in my life. Oh well~

➡ I bought a planner today! I haven’t had one in so long, and I’ve been wanting one for a while, despite not having anything to put in it. But now that I have employment pending, I’m going to have to start keep track of things. I had to settle for an academic calendar (July 2011 to June 2012), because it’s the end of the year, but that’s okay. I am going to make this planner gorgeous. I’ll be using organizers @ LJ for inspiration!

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Things I Love Thursday #3

Vintage pony tshirts from Rachel Thomas on RedBubble. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been doing some tshirt shopping lately, and owning some tees with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters on them is top priority! My Steampunk Pony tshirt, from, shipped today, so I was thinking about getting some more when this popped up on my Tumblr dashboard! I haven’t made my decision yet, but I definitely have my eye on the Pinkie Pie shirt.

Photo by heartmary on Tumblr.

The new edition of Sailor Moon and the first English edition of Sailor V were released this week! Me in my infinite wisdom forgot to pre-order them, but they were so cheap on Amazon, and I had a gift card, so I snapped them up! They’ll be arriving Saturday, and I am so, so excited. Having Sailor Moon back in English is excellent, especially after TokyoPop (may they burn in hell) gave the series such a crappy release. When the rights were all rescinded in the 2000s when the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series aired on Japanese TV, many people were worried we wouldn’t see re-releases for a long time. And finally having Sailor V available in English is just beyond words! Now, we wait and see if someone will re-license  the anime and live action series.

I didn’t get to post about it in this blog on time, but on LiveJournal, there is a new community called We Love the Women that Fandom Hates. All week, members and supports have been creating fanfiction, playlists, essays, graphics and meta for the female characters in various forms of media that get hated on in fandom. Unfortunately, today is the last day to submit things for this month, but many other people have submitted excellent things on their favorite fictional women. I even submitted an old FST I never got around to finishing for the character of Larxene, from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. It’s available here, on my LiveJournal, and here, on 8tracks. I hope you like it, and make sure to check out the other submissions, as well. They are really something.

And the best news of all: After about two months of annoying tooth and jaw pain, I was able to see a dentist today. The good news is, I don’t have a cavity, just a bruised tooth! Which doesn’t sound like something you really want to celebrate, but it beats holes in your teeth!

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Things I Love Thursday #2 (The ‘Oops, What Day Is It?’ Edition.)

I will take one for each branch of my Christmas tree.

…via Equestria Daily.

“Steampunk Ponies” by WeLoveFine.

8tracks Mix: “Clockwork Heroines” by Inryoku. (Embed doesn’t work, noooo!)

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Things I Love Thursday #1

Things I Love Thursday is a weekly list bloggers make about the things they’re loving at the moment. Here’s mine for the week of June 23, 2011!

Finishing College! As of today, I have gone to my last ever college class. I have a couple things to finish over the weekend, and a final on Monday, but I’m almost done! I walked out of class today wanting to sing, that’s how happy I was. I’ll only be officially graduating in August, but for all intents and purposes, I’m done undergrad! Wahoo!

Alice: Madness Returns Also known as Alice 2, Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to the 10+ year old game American McGee’s Alice. Fans have been looking forward to the sequel about as long as the first game has been out, and rumors of movies have also cropped up over the years, but sadly nothing’s come of them. (But you’d think with the need Hollywood has lately to grit-ify fairy tales, Alice would fit right in! Personally, I’d love to see Alice played by Summer Glau!) I haven’t actually started playing the game yet, and I told myself I’d wait until classes were over, but I might have to cheat and start it this weekend. The internet is making me so excited to play it!

Watch the first 10 minutes of the game above! WARNING for graphic violence, though. Don’t watch if you have a weak stomach!

Getting Paid I had a bit of a debacle at work over getting paid, and I had to go sort things out. I actually need to be back-paid for the last six weeks, and though that won’t be in this week’s check, I think I have it all worked out to get some seriously fat checks from now on. And I finally won’t feel so bad about buying brand new video games and clothes because a lot of my old ones stopped fitting. Speaking of which…

Leggings Which is not something I would have said a couple weeks ago, but I recently took the plunge and bought some. And I’m glad I did because they’ve been saving my ass when it comes to wearing dresses and skirts lately! Most days, I go from and hour and a half in a cold classroom, to the freezing subway, to a sweaty 15 minute walk to walk, to 4 straight hours working on the ground floor where it is VERY cold, to another 15 minute walk back to the subway, to a freezing subway car, and a sweaty five minute walk home. The hot and cold contrast has been killing me! But now that I have leggings I can easily throw them into my bag for when I need them and store them away when I don’t! I don’t know why I didn’t latch onto this trend earlier.

And that’s it for the edition of TILT. But you know what I don’t love? My kitchen being invaded by fruit flies. ):

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