New Year Resolutions, 2014 Edition


1. Get another job or two/save more money – The usual.

2. Update this blog more – Well, yeah.

3. See what will replace my creepiest search results this year – This will be a fun one. Previous years have included:

2012: “Haruki Murakami”/”1Q84” and all iterations of “sex”, including: “freshly made vagina”, “Japanese underage lesbian novel Haruki Murakami”, and many questions about what Aomame’s stretches look like.

2013: Many versions of “wonder woman spanked” and “spanking comic”; as well as “aomamae stretching”, which means 1Q84 is still pretty popular among literary perverts; and whoever was searching “group r*pe crosswalk tube videos site” please, PLEASE never come back.

Let the guessing games begin!!

I also finished my GoodReads challenge of reading 30 books this year, though as I used to be able to read about 50 a year, I feel like I should really step up my game in 2014. You can see the books I completed here, 10 of which were young adult books! I still have plenty more to get through sitting around my house, but I feel like 2014 may be the year of the mystery novel…

Many happy returns, everyone.


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