Things I Love (Mid) July.

July is shaping up to be just as busy as May and June, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be posting! Here are a few things I’m enjoying despite life.

Monster High

Ghouls Rule Draculaura

Ghouls Rule Draculaura

Some days it is unknown whether I’m 12 or 25, but many days it leans more towards the previous. I’ve fallen in love with Mattel’s Monster High doll line, thanks mostly to the YouTube webisodes. I’m now currently working on seeing all the specials and movies, buying the dolls, and finding online communities to join. I thus far own a Dance Class Lagoona Blue, a Ghouls Rule Draculaura (above, and here) and a backpack. Draculaura is definitely my favorite character, which I think has something to do with her lack of height and cute, dual-colored hair.

Welcome to Night Vale


Done in the style of a small town radio show, Welcome to Night Vale is the podcast everyone is currently obsessed with. Set in the tiny desert town of Night Vale, the show is hosted by a man named Cecil who reports the news and other current goings-on, no matter how unusual: portals to doppelganger dimensions disgusted in sandstorms, tiny civilizations housed beneath a bowling lane, and unidentified lights above the Arby’s. And that’s just a small portion of Night Vale’s strange circumstances. Cecil also has a huge crush on the beautiful, seemingly-normal, scientist Carlos, which I find absolutely adorable. If you’re interested (And why wouldn’t you be?), Welcome to Night Vale is available for free through the iTunes store.

My new iPhone – I now have an iPhone! Hooray! No pictures, because taking a picture of your phone with your phone is more complicated than you would think, even with the help of mirrors. Suffice to say, it looks like an iPhone.


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