Go Ask Valis

Since moving to the Bay Area, I’ve noticed a certain tagger was quite ubiquitous in my nook of the East Bay. That tagger is Valis. The name caught my attention immediately, as I like to read science fiction, and though I’m not his biggest fan, I’m aware of Philip K. Dick’s VALIS series. I haven’t read it yet, but the name always stood out to me. I’m not sure why, exactly – perhaps because of it’s similarity to the name “Alice”, one of my favorite names and fictional characters. But no matter the reason, this tagger caught my attention, and I’ve been doing my best to document their tags as I find them. Here are a few.

Valis 1
Near my favorite Subway.

Valis 2
Dumpster 1

Valis 3
Chained to a rock.

Valis 4
Outside the old Chamber of Commerce. (Possibly a copycat?)

Valis 5
Dumpster 2

I’ll share more as I find them.



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3 responses to “Go Ask Valis

  1. the fourth photo looks like it is done by a different person.

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