Playing Catch-Up: Why I’m Behind on YA

Though this is not strictly a book blog, it should come as no surprise that I like to read. And if there’s one thing I do not read enough of, it’s the YA genre. Deterred by early attempts to enjoy the genre when I was high school, I gave up on it for a few years. When I was a teen, YA was just getting its footing, and only Harry Potter really stood out. There were other seminal books teenage girls read, but most of them had been written decades earlier and were embarrassingly out of touch.

Recently, the genre has exploded. Not only is it full of imaginative stories by female authors (a few things “proper” literature is sadly devoid of), but its also plentiful. And I have absolutely no idea where to start.

But I am super intent on doing it. Next year, I’ve pledged to read mainly YA books. I don’t own too many, and new series are hard to come by in second hand shops. I was almost thinking about cancelling the challenge when I read this awesome post by s.e. smith of the blog This Ain’t Livin’. (And is any coincidence I sometimes want to call smith “S.E. Hinton” instead? Probably not.) smith points out that people’s dismissal of the genre often lies, sadly, in misogyny. And well. I don’t like that.

Still, that leaves me stuck on how to read the books. Of course, there is the public library, if I’m looking to read for free. But due to the popularity of the genre, YA books are often checked out and have long waiting lists attached to them. And as I’ve advised others, I’ve been trolling the internet looking for giveaways. And boy, did I hit the mother load.

Blogger and YA writer Beth Revis is doing a giveaway of FIFTY young adult novels, most of which are SIGNED by the authors. This is, of course, an incredibly popular giveaway, but heck, why not give it a try? Many of these would definitely end up re-homed if I somehow managed to win, because I like to share the love.

Beth asked that to enter, people post the graphic and write an entry about why they love YA. Unfortunately, due to my lack of exposure, I’m not really sure how to write such an entry, except to tell my story and cross my fingers. It is a real pity I don’t love YA, but I really hope to teach myself how in the near future. :)


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