There and Back Again (A Short Overview of the Last Six Months, Part 1 of ?)

I like that this blog still gets about five to ten hits a day, despite the fact that I haven’t been able to update it frequently. Apparently, I’ve written enough posts about My Little Pony and weird sex in Haruki Murakami novels that I no longer need to update. (True facts: I got a search engine hit for the “freshly made ear” quote from 1Q84 today. I’m never going to live this down.)

My life has been pretty busy since I got my second job. I’ve been there seven months now and I feel like that already might be too long. But I’m not going to complain about it here. That’s what LiveJournal’s for. (At least until the Russian’s finally kick us all out.)

Back in June, I was finally able to meet Junko Mizuno at the KidRobot Store in San Francisco. She was there doing a signing for the launch of the 12th Dunny line. I had never met her before, though I had been enamored by her art since my high school years in the early 2000s. Before making my move to The Bay, my fiancee would rib me about how I was only moving here so I could find out where she lived and camp out of her lawn, John Lennon fan-style. Utter fabrications, of course. I’m not that much of a creep, I promise!

If you remember, a few months back, I won a bracelet from the company Morphik along with a small print of Junko’s work entitled “Wedding.” I plan to wear the bracelet for my wedding (whenever that happens) as my “something blue,” and I brought it to Kid Robot for Junko to sign. I was supremely flustered when she remembered me from the contest! She signed the blue leather cuff, I thanked her profusely, we had a little conversation about art helping us through tough times and the guy in line behind me (who was very nice, especially when we were waiting for hours and I was blabbering on about how excited I was) took a picture of us.

Please excuse my face. I was actually ecstatic at the time, but also bad at emoting.

All in all, it was a magical day. I took off from work to go to the signing (please don’t tell my boss), so I was in SF early enough to explore Haight Street, a place know for its hippie love cults, ultra cool shops and a ganjalistic scent that rivals Downtown Berkeley. I was also able to visit Loved to Death, the store featured on the Science Channel’s show “Oddities: San Francisco.” Wednesday Mourning is just as lovely in person.

I didn’t think to take a picture of the signature, but I might remember to sometime within in the next six months. ^^; I also wish I could apologize to the other artist who was signing that day, because I was so high on meeting someone I revered so much, I completely by-passed him when I left the store. Whoops. I hope he knows it wasn’t personal.

And in case you’re wondering, the Dunny in the blind box I purchased was Tara McPherson’s Wiggle Land.

More semi-real updates coming eventually.



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2 responses to “There and Back Again (A Short Overview of the Last Six Months, Part 1 of ?)

  1. soooo luuucky and yay~ i have that dunny too! : )

    omg! how cute is junko mizuno? she is wearing the tie that fan made for her… that’s precious.

    i wish i can meet her someday…

    • It’s one of my favorite Dunny’s! It’s so cute. Of course, I’m looking for Junko’s Soda Pop Girl, too… Haven’t gotten there yet.

      She was so cute! I was a little stunned, haha. And omg, I had no idea a fan made her that! I just assumed she’d made it. So cool! :)

      I hope you can someday too! She’s so cool. :)

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