People are More Into this Than I Thought

“O 24.”

I get a surprising amount of hits on this blog for Murakami’s “1Q84” and all derivatives of “sex.” Literally everything from “sex in 1Q84” to “Japanese underage lesbian novel Haruki Murakami”, which…. I think they might be looking for “Norwegian Wood,” but still. I wrote one post, you guys. One post.

And as I’ve written this entry, that makes two, so I can only imagine what kind of hits I’m going to get now.



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4 responses to “People are More Into this Than I Thought

  1. Hahaha I love this bingo card, so perfect. Also I love those search terms – it’s amazing what people google. I still need to read 1Q84, but I’ve got another huge reading project right now and I figure one 1000-page novel at a time is probably enough.

    • Sometimes I wish I had a job at Google, just so I could see all the weird things people search for, but then I see things like this pop up on my blog, and then I decide against it. XD

      Wow, what’s the other 1000 novel you’re reading right now? I hope you can get to 1Q84 soon!

  2. I swear I wasn’t searching what you mentioned :B I love the image! Thank you for sharing it <3

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