Coastal Differences No. 1

If there is one thing I have noticed since moving from Philadelphia to the Bay Area is the distinct increase in bathrooms. On the east coast, I spent a lot of time looking, and standing in line, for bathrooms. They were rarely anywhere, and even places that would have them, such as restaurants or cafes, would deny you access if you were not a patron.

But here, bathrooms are everywhere: Ross! CVS! Certain BART stations! Places I would have never considered looking for a bathroom on the east coast, like pet or grocery stores, have them in abundance! And because there are so many bathrooms, I almost never encounter lines, either. Stalls are almost always available, and I never have to wait too long. And rarely do I ever need to get a key! My tiny bladder and I are most grateful for all of this.

It does make me wonder why this coast tends to have more bathrooms than the one I’m from. What is it about the east coast that makes people stingy with their bathrooms? Is it the older buildings, that don’t take well to modern plumbing? Is it the general attitude problem the east coast has? Do people on the east coast just need to pee less? (My experiences point to “no.”)

I believe I’ll have to think on this. Possibly while on a public toilet.



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3 responses to “Coastal Differences No. 1

  1. I feel like public restrooms tend to be used for such… sketchy things that they are in short supply in places like NYC, Philly, and even Boston. Still, I once had to beg a pizza place to let me use their bathroom and it turned out they didn’t even HAVE a public facility — my tears earned me a trip through their back kitchen to the one the employees used. What the hell.

    Also sorry for the random driveby comment – I saw your nifty LJ icon on Lin’s recent post and followed over to here.

    • It’s true, public bathrooms have quite a bad rep, but they’re still nice to have around. And I’ve had numerous experience like that, as well, in which I had to beg a place that didn’t have public bathrooms to let me use their employee bathroom, usually via tears and threats of peeing on their floor. I cannot figure out what the big deal is about letting a super desperate person use the employee restroom once in a while. They don’t have to tell anyone!

      And hey, no problem! Thanks for dropping in. :)

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