I Thought I Outgrew This!

Peter: I mean, don’t you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?
Edmund: We are kids!
Peter: Well I wasn’t always.

– Prince Caspian

900 hundred years old? I'm going to need to see some ID...

Fiancee and I are walking from our car to the grocery store to buy some popcorn when a man approaches us looking to sell something. Fiancee politely declines, but the man persists. Looking at me, he then says:

“Is this your little sister?”

I clutch fiancee’s arm and hiss “Hold me back” as we walking away, leaving the man behind.

I have never been a tall person, and I’ve always had a childlike face and body, at least until recently. Within the last two years, I’ve managed to fill out a bit, and I thought my face had changed too, after a stint in braces and forcing myself to buy big girl glasses – you know, sensible frames. (Except my last pair of said frames may have broken and though I went with a similar design, they might, just might, be red. But is that really so bad?)

Basically, I thought my time had come. I’m in my mid-20s. I’m engaged. I’ve finished college. I have a sort of professional job. I thought I had outgrown this shit!

Being short is annoying enough. Pants are never the right length. I can’t reach shit. I even wear a US women’s size 5 in shoes. But being asked if you’re your fiancee’s younger sister, when you are, you know, engaged to that person, AND a year and a half OLDER than them? That’s just insulting.

I tried for a long time to “dress the part,” but let’s face it; I’m not going to wear business casual to buy popcorn at Safeway. I can’t deny my love for cute things either, and my purple, glittery Hello Kitty purse goes everywhere with me. And, to a point, being short is a part of my identity. It’s not like I can change it anyway, so I might as well embrace it.

But this “little sister” thing is driving me up a wall. Tons of people have told me I’ll appreciate looking young when I’m older, but, on one hand, I am obviously not there yet. On another, fuck you and your youth-obsessed cultural brainwashing. I mean. No. That’s what I mean.

I definitely have an adult life. I work (eventually even full time, hopefully); I pay bills; I live with the man I’m engaged to, 3000+ miles from my parents; my life is dull and uneventful, and I’m okay with that. I am definitely an adult; I just wish I could be treated like one without having to show ID.


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  1. Argh. We were just talking about the same thing in one of my classes the other day. The whole “you’ll be wishing people call you young” thing really grates my nerves too. And I don’t even have these issues.

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