Review: Strapya World’s Alice in Wonderland 2012 Schedule Book

Note: This post is for Strapya’s Review Contest.

My last planner was awful. Because I bought it before the end of last year, I was forced into buying one that started in June 2011and ended in June 2012. I was hoping to find a 16-month planner, something akin 16-month calendars, but they weren’t available at the office store I went to. I probably should have taken to the internet in my quest for a 16 months planner, but in my haste to get one, I took the easy – and cheap – way out.

And “cheap” is definitely the right word. After only a month, the back cover fell off, and I had to keep the book permanently folded over to make sure nothing else fell off. And because then the pages were always exposed, they began ripping out and getting scratched up when in my purse. It was a mess. I tossed it as soon as the new year started, despite  it having six months left.

Luckily, for Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend bought me one of Strapya World’s Alice in Wonderland 2012 Schedule books, the A6 sized “Bottle” planner. (Sadly now sold out.)

Opposed to my old planner, this books is gorgeous. It’s in a smaller size than my last book, so it’s easier to fit into my purse. It’s not spiral bound, so none of the pages can fall out. In fact, it’s bound like a regular book, with a plastic sleeve over the cover to protect it from spills or purse damage.

I love the cover, which is designed to look like various sweets bottles and containers that implore you eat and drink the contents. Alice graces the cover a couple times in silhouette form, trapped in bottles, or  joining cookies as they tumble from the shelves. It’s cute and elegant at the same time, making the design very attractive. In fact, it was my favorite design, and though I told my boyfriend to choose which version to get, he picked the one I liked most.

The plastic cover also wraps around onto the inside of the book, providing small pockets for notes and business cards, as well as a pen holder.

But of course, that’s only the outside of the planner. The inside is designed like an actual book, with endsheets and a title page. And it had exactly wanted I wanted when I was first looking for a planner: four monthly calendars for September through December 2011! I’m actually a little sad I didn’t order the planner for myself earlier, because then I wouldn’t have had to waste time on the previous one AND I would have saved money. But, hindsight  is 20/20, etc.

For 2012, the book has both monthly and weekly calendars, decorated with Alice art created especially for the book. Holidays are also conveniently marked through the book, both Japanese and international. At the end of each month are summary pages, and though my Japanese isn’t great, I think the idea is to sum up what happened that month and how it affected you. I could be wrong, though.

Finally, at the end of the planner, there are cute note pages that can either be ripped out and used as scratch paper or left in for important notes you need to carry with you. There’s also a small address book and Japanese subway maps, which although not useful to me, are at least fun to look at. The only thing I didn’t particularly like about the extras was a number of pages devoted to weight, diet and calorie “data”, which assumes all women using it are constantly watching their weight and dieting; but it’s probably just a culture thing. While that would be inappropriate to put something like that in every schedule book in the US (and not just those made with the idea of weight loss in mind), in Japan, it’s probably a different story.

In short, I love my new planner! It’s cute, sturdy, filled with helpful information and has just the right amount of space for all of the things I have to remember. Though this one is sold out, there are other versions still available in different designs and sizes so everyone can find the exact right one for them, and I definitely encourage trying.



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2 responses to “Review: Strapya World’s Alice in Wonderland 2012 Schedule Book

  1. That is so cute, I love the cover! I really like the big monthly calendar pages too – that’s something my planner doesn’t have that I wish it did! I’ve been using the moleskine weekly for a few years now and I love it but argh… it could use a monthly calendar block! :p

    • Monthly calendars are so helpful! I like being able to see everything I need to do at a glance. If you’re looking for a new planner, I’d definitely go with something with monthly calendar blocks.

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