Things I Love Thursday #6 – The “I’m Pretty Sure It’s Friday” Edition

I thought to myself last night that I really should do a TILT post, and then I didn’t. So what else is new? I think my eyes were watering too much, as I’m just getting over a cold, but really. That was no excuse.

Why do so many of my TILT posts include Madoka cosplay?

➡ MOVING! Well, as a rule, I don’t actually like moving, but the fiance and I are finally moving into our own apartment after about half a year of living in his parent’s spare bedroom. I’m really glad that in the current economic climate of people not having jobs after graduation and moving back in with their parents, that we were only a burden to them for about six months, as well as the fact that we have the resources to now live on our own. Oh, and I’m really going to enjoy decorating.

➡ Finally having Christmas As I may have mentioned before, I had to spend this Christmas alone due to a death in the family, so tomorrow (after the finally move push), everyone will finally get together and celebrate the long overdue holiday.

Getting a new email address Though initially not something I loved, I recently had the opportunity to change my email address for good. Google locked me out of my previous email address due to some log-in dysfunction, and because I would not have had email access for a week – !!! – on top of my phone not working (long story), I opted to just say “screw it” and create a new one. I’ve since gotten back into my old account and have been able to switch things around I needed to, but it’s really nice to start fresh.

Bobby Hill, ladies and gentlemen!

Getting a raise! Though I’m still terribly underemployed by most standards, I got a raise yesterday! Right now, it’s only by a dollar, but when my boss’ ship comes in (as they say), it’ll go up another dollar. It’s not huge, but it’s good news for someone who can only work 10 hours a week.

My boss’ foster puppy was adopted My boss (besides being a freelance writer/editor, working on her forth graduate degree and having a life of her own) fosters the occasional dog, and her latest was adopted today. We took the dog, Muffin, to meet a prospective new family of a mom, her sister and her teenage son and daughter, and they IMMEDIATELY fell in love. But it’s hard not to with a puppy as cute as Muffin. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures to share (Perhaps I will in the future, though!), but Muffin is a tiny, black, shaggy-furred, 10-week old puppy of indecipherable breed. He’s rambunctious, playful and cute as a button. He didn’t even have a name until my boss started fostering him, and originally he was being called Munchkin, due to his size. But that morphed into Muffin, which is oddly fitting for him. I hope he’s happy in his new home, and I’m so glad they new family took to him so quickly.

EDIT: Lies! Here’s a picture of little Muffin.



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2 responses to “Things I Love Thursday #6 – The “I’m Pretty Sure It’s Friday” Edition

  1. Your boss’s puppy is so cute!!! :D

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