A Very Happy Merry To You

Have a Happy Merry and enjoy this dog in a sweater.

It’s that time again. Time to decorate the crap out of everything, buy expensive gifts and eat until you pass out. I hope everyone out there has a very happy holiday of their choice, and a fun New Year, if you’re, you know, into that. If not, have a lovely Yuletide Season, and may you enjoy the 365 366(!!! 2012 is a leap year!) days following January 1st.

I’ll be having a a bit if blue Christmas myself this year, as my fiance’s great-grandmother is dying, so I’m spending my Christmas at home, watching the family’s collective dog pack. Thankfully, everyone should be back in time for the New Year, so we’ll celebrate all sorts of things then. My New Year’s resolution doesn’t exist yet, but should I find one, I’ll let you know. Maybe it will be to update this blog more often. And/or turn it into the kind of blog that’s actually interesting. ;) We’ll see.

A very happy merry to you and yours. ♥


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