Alternative Press Expo, Etc.

Getting used to doing work again isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I think I’m starting to feel overwhelmed! I keep leaving things by accident, like my keys in the front door lock, or drinks out after I’ve poured them. I still need to do a little more readjusting to keep myself focused!

I want to do a post on the Alternative Press Expo, but my boyfriend and I were only there for a couple hours, and we spent most of the time in line for Kate Beaton. We bought her new book Hark! A Vagrant and she signed it and doodled a Nancy Drew in it! She seemed so tired, though, and I felt bad. I hope she was able to rest, because I know she’s still touring! I wanted to buy her a coffee, but I thought that might be weird, haha. ^^;;;

I also met Kevin Wada (with the fabulous X-Men prints), bought Mystique and Janelle Monae postcards and told him how I’d heard about him. Apparently, he had no idea people were passing his art around on Tumblr, though people kept telling him they saw his prints online. Crazy! He was really cool. Also, I bought a matching postcard from a friend of his, Max Wittert, of Jubilee also in a fashion model pose. Jubilee is my favorite X-Men character, and I can’t wait to get a bulletin board so I can display them all!

Besides that, my boyfriend and I wandered around looking at the different artists’ work, I bought him a really cool tie from Binary Winter, and I got some back issues from Slave Labor Graphics. (The Johnen Vazquez collection I started when I was 15 is almost complete, ohoho!) The only thing I regret is not being able to meet Daniel Clowes, but that’s probably okay, considering most of my comics are still in my parent’s house on the other side of the country. He can sign my heavily read copy of Ghost World some other time.

Well, I guess that was a post on APE, sans pictures. I’ll try and show off some of the stuff we got another time.


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