Things I Love Thursday #3

Vintage pony tshirts from Rachel Thomas on RedBubble. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been doing some tshirt shopping lately, and owning some tees with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters on them is top priority! My Steampunk Pony tshirt, from, shipped today, so I was thinking about getting some more when this popped up on my Tumblr dashboard! I haven’t made my decision yet, but I definitely have my eye on the Pinkie Pie shirt.

Photo by heartmary on Tumblr.

The new edition of Sailor Moon and the first English edition of Sailor V were released this week! Me in my infinite wisdom forgot to pre-order them, but they were so cheap on Amazon, and I had a gift card, so I snapped them up! They’ll be arriving Saturday, and I am so, so excited. Having Sailor Moon back in English is excellent, especially after TokyoPop (may they burn in hell) gave the series such a crappy release. When the rights were all rescinded in the 2000s when the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series aired on Japanese TV, many people were worried we wouldn’t see re-releases for a long time. And finally having Sailor V available in English is just beyond words! Now, we wait and see if someone will re-license  the anime and live action series.

I didn’t get to post about it in this blog on time, but on LiveJournal, there is a new community called We Love the Women that Fandom Hates. All week, members and supports have been creating fanfiction, playlists, essays, graphics and meta for the female characters in various forms of media that get hated on in fandom. Unfortunately, today is the last day to submit things for this month, but many other people have submitted excellent things on their favorite fictional women. I even submitted an old FST I never got around to finishing for the character of Larxene, from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. It’s available here, on my LiveJournal, and here, on 8tracks. I hope you like it, and make sure to check out the other submissions, as well. They are really something.

And the best news of all: After about two months of annoying tooth and jaw pain, I was able to see a dentist today. The good news is, I don’t have a cavity, just a bruised tooth! Which doesn’t sound like something you really want to celebrate, but it beats holes in your teeth!


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