Graduation Party Aftermath

Having money makes me want to buy overpriced stickers.

Though I haven’t officially graduated, I had my graduation party. Mostly my family showed up, because most of the people I met in the place I’m from have all had the sense to move away. But that was okay, because I’m not into not seeing people for a long time and then inviting them somewhere that sort of requires gift-giving. It’s a bitch move, if you ask me.

My relatives were generous (and rich) enough to make my move to California a little easier, though I’m feeling the urge to use my new-found wealth on pants that fit. But I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything new before the move, so I won’t. In fact, I really need to go through my clothing and decide what’s coming with me and what’s going in the donation bins. (Or, in some cases, the trash.)

T-minus two weeks until the move!



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2 responses to “Graduation Party Aftermath

  1. Awesome you’re moving!? I love California so I hope you have a great time, there :D Also, congrats on graduating! That’s exciting~

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