Philadelphia Comic Con 2011

In the past two years, I’ve gone to a couple different kinds of conventions. Last summer, I went to the American Library Association Convention in Washington DC, had a lot of fun and got lots of free books. Last October, I went to New York Comic Con/Anime Fest and had a good time too, getting free stuff, buying things and being jostled by the crowd. And just this past April, I went to Anime Boston where I had fun buying stuff, hanging out with my friends, cosplaying and eating Pinkberry for the first time! (Why isn’t there one in Philly?!)

But every summer since I’ve moved here, I’ve gone to Philadelphia Comic Con. Now, Wizard World Philly isn’t the most exciting Comic Con (No one’s been stabbed in the eye with a pencil there, or at least, I haven’t heard about it!), but it’s still fun to wander the aisles, meet professional and amateur artists and be among geeks.

I usually go with my boyfriend, and this year I also took my younger brother. He spent most of the con spending my money and talking to artists about finding work in the industry. He found none, alas, but he’s just starting college, so he has time to improve. And let me just say he damn well better love his $35 Jayne hat when it arrives, but despite being an ATM for the day, I had a good time. I got an excellent, super-fangirl-y tshirt and a book I wanted to read for cheap! I also met the author, and she was super lovely and signed the book for me! I can’t wait to read  it. :)

Sorry, I’m not a very good photographer. I really love this shirt, not only because it’s such a fangirl shirt, but also because it kind of makes Batman look like he has cat ears.

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth by Alexandra Robbins

And finally, while there isn’t a wide range of cosplayers at Philly Comic Con, since it’s smaller than most, here are two awesome people dressed as Alice and The White Rabbit from American McGee’s Alice/Alice: Madness Returns.

Alice and The White Rabbit

Told you I’m not a very good photographer! This picture doesn’t do their outfits justice.

Sadly, I’m moving, so I won’t be attending next year. But, I’ll be moving out to California, so I’m thinking San Diego Comic Con 2012…?

My boyfriend and I always get excited about cosplay whenever we go to cons, so we’ve been thinking up some “couples cosplay” to do in the future. Here’s our favorite idea so far:

The Green Hornet & Kato (2011 version)

The idea of wearing the same costume as Jay Chou makes me a bit giddy, I admit. :)



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4 responses to “Philadelphia Comic Con 2011

  1. Glad you liked our outfits. i’m the alice, and my bf is the white rabbit.

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